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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Evaluation of anaerobic sludges as metal biosorbents and development of a biotechnological process for metal ion removal from selected wastewaterBux, Faizal 
2007Evaluation of bacteriological techniques, sensory evaluation, gas chromatography, and electronic nose technology for the early detection of Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestris in fruit juicesHarrichandparsad, Zeenat
2009Expression of a modified xylanase in yeastMchunu, Nokuthula Peace
2009Expression of anti-HIV peptides in tobacco cell culture systemsMoodley, Nadine
1998Extraction, characterisation and metal biosorption of extracellular polysaccharides from activated sludgeZondo, Raynold Mduduzi
1999Identification of polyphosphate accumulating bacteria from pilot- and full scale nutrient removal activated sludgesAtkinson, Blaise William
2012Immunomodulatory activities of non-commercialized leafy vegetables in KwaZulu-Natal, South AfricaPadayachee, Berushka
2007Improvement of thermostability of a fungal xylanase using error-prone polymerase chain reaction (EpPCR)Pillay, Sarveshni 
2010In vitro toxicity testing of phthalocyanines on different cell lines using a continuous laser sourceMaduray, Kaminee
2016Isolation and characterization of prebiotic oligosaccharides from algal extracts and their effect on gut microfloraHadebe, Nontando 
2017Mitigation of carbon dioxide from synthetic flue gas using indigenous microalgaeBhola, Virthie Kemraj 
2007Molecular characterization of filamentous bacteria isolated from full-scale activated sludge processesMarrengane, Zinhle
8-Aug-2014Optimization of culture conditions and extraction method for phycocyanin production from a hypersaline cyanobacteriumMogany, Trisha
2010Optimization of riboflavin production by fungi on edible oil effluentSwalaha, Feroz Mahomed 
2009Overexpression and partial characterization of a modified fungal xylanase in Escherichia coliWakelin, Kyle
2016Pharmacological screening of synthetic piperidine derivativesNaicker, Leeantha 
2007Production of enzymes for application on animal feedsGodana, Busiswa
2007Protein engineering of fungal xylanaseStephens, Dawn Elizabeth
2007Spirulina production in brine effluent from cooling towersChoonawala, Bilkis Banu
2009Strategies to control bacteriophage infection in a threonine bioprocessCele, Nolwazi