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Jan-2016Braneworld gravastars admitting conformal motionBanerjee, Ayan ; Rahaman, Farook ; Sayeedul, Isaam ; Govender, Megandhren 
21-Jan-2015Gravitational collapse in spatially isotropic coordinatesGovender, Megandhren ; Bogadi, Robert ; Sharma, Ranjan ; Das, Shyam 
2016The influence of initial conditions during dissipative collapseNaidu, N.F. ; Govender, Megandhren 
12-May-2016Some analytic models of relativistic compact starsSingh, K.N. ; Pant, N. ; Govender, Megandhren 
Jan-2016Thermal evolution of the Kramer radiating starGovender, Megandhren ; Maharaj, S. D. ; Mkhize, L ; Lorton, L. B.