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1999A comparative study of the relative effect of spinal manipulation as opposed to acupuncture treatment in the management of chronic sinusitusDescoins, Nicole 
9-Apr-2014The effectiveness of spinal manipulation and dry needling versus spinal manipulation and TraumeelĀ®S injectable solution in the treatment of mechanical neck pain associated with trapezius myofascial trigger pointsAbdul-Rasheed, Ashura
2017The effectiveness of the Impulse Adjusting InstrumentĀ® compared to dry needling in the treatment of upper trapezius myofascial trigger pointsLaing, Mandy 
2002The efficacy of dry needling in patients suffering from lateral epicondylitisHaswell, Garrick David
1996An evaluation of the efficacy of acupuncture and homoeopathic treatment in helping people to stop smokingDe La Rouviere, Alexandra Mary
1999A randomized comparative clinical trial of the relative effectiveness of manipulation or manipulation and acupuncture for the treatment of lower back painWhite, Horace Lindsay
2007The relative effectiveness of three treatment protocols in the treatment of medial tibial stress syndrome type IIPayne, Liza
1995Study into the treatment of active myofascial trigger points using interferential current as an alternative to dry needling agitationChristie, Kevin Rodney
1996The therapeutic efficacy of invasive needling techniques in the management of myofascial pain and dysfunction syndromeBroome, Richard John