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  • An appropriate Bus Rapid Transit System 

    Adewumi, Emmanuel Olusegun; Allopi, Dhiren (IJST Publications, 2014-04)
    Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) has been adopted as an improvement on regular bus services through the combination of features like infrastructure changes that resulted in better operation speeds and service reliability. In this ...
  • The appropriate material specifications and manual are key for effective gravel roads design, construction and maintenance practice 

    Mwaipungu, Richard R.; Allopi, Dhiren (Eastern Seaboard Intermodal Transportation Applications Center, 2012-10)
    It is a matter of fact that the gravel road network dominates as the mode of transport infrastructure in most of sub-Sahara Africa. These roads comprise a huge national asset that requires adherence to appropriate locally ...
  • Capacity challenges facing civil engineering contractors in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa 

    Ntuli, Bonga; Allopi, Dhiren (IJEIT, 2013-05)
    Insolvency maybe broadly defined as an inability of business entity to meet pending financial commitments. For a construction firm, such a situation creates conditions whereby a business entity is unable to fulfill its ...
  • The challenges of implementing gravel road management system in Sub-Sahara Africa: Tanzania case study 

    Mwaipungu, Richard R.; Allopi, Dhiren (Delhi : IJARES, 2014)
    The study examined the working environment of road organizations in Tanzania mainland implementing gravel road management system. These road organizations falls into two categories, namely those managing district roads ...
  • Comparison between conditions of major roads within and outside the port of Durban 

    Kunene, Oscar M.; Allopi, Dhiren (ETASR, 2013)
    Over the past years road traffic has increased at the Port of Durban. Due to the lack of maintenance, this has resulted in road deterioration. Roads are considered as the most important transport mode at the Port of Durban. ...
  • Conceptual framework of environmental sustainable interventions with the use of green infrastructure design criteria on projects 

    Saroop, Shian Hemraj; Allopi, Dhiren (2014)
    This paper presents a conceptual framework that incorporates eco-efficiency on Infrastructure projects with the use of the environmentally sustainable criteria on infrastructure projects. Mainstreaming environmental ...
  • Designing environmentally sound engineering solutions on infrastructure projects 

    Saroop, Shian Hemraj; Allopi, Dhiren (World Academy of Research and Publication, 2013-12)
    There is a growing complexity of infrastructure planning and the need for coordination of design and environmental requirements. The lack of appropriate tools and skills for sustainable Infrastructure design is often seen ...
  • Determining the best BRT for eThekwini 

    Adewumi, Emmanuel Olusegun; Allopi, Dhiren (3S Media, 2014-06)
    BRT systems are fast becoming part of the South African urban landscape. In the first part of this two-part article, the authors set about defining BRT systems, looking at their history and examining configurations, factors ...
  • Eco-efficient criteria : sustainability 

    Saroop, Shian Hemraj; Allopi, Dhiren (3S Media, 2014-04)
    There is an urgent need to apply cost-effective technologies and methods that deliver better and more sustainable performances.
  • Influence of high content fly ash on concrete durability 

    Allopi, Dhiren; Zulu, Sabelo (IJEIT, 2014-01)
    Abstract - The use of fly ash products by the South African cement and construction industries has saved the country over 6 million tons of harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Fly ash is an industrial by-product that is ...
  • Rea Vaya : South Africa’s first bus rapid transit system 

    Adewumi, Emmanuel Olusegun; Allopi, Dhiren (ASSAf, 2013)
    Today, both the public and private transport sectors are facing challenges as a result of an increase in vehicle ownership and the suburbanisation of both firms and residences in the world. In the past, public transport ...
  • Study of drivers’ response time in traffic streams 

    Adewumi, Emmanuel Olusegun; Allopi, Dhiren (IJESIT, 2013-05)
    Reaction times of drivers responding to traffic wardens'. signals are important for the design and safe operations of roads. The increased number of road users and pedestrians lead to increasing demands on the facilities ...
  • Towards greener infrastructure 

    Saroop, Shian Hemraj; Allopi, Dhiren (IMESA, 2012-04)
  • Visual assessments of current pavement conditions in the stack areas of Berth 203-205 at the Durban Container Terminal-Pier 2 

    Allopi, Dhiren; Naicker, Rowen (Emerald Group, 2014-04)
    The Durban Container Terminal is currently the biggest and busiest container terminal in Africa and handles about 2.7-million TEUs a year. DCT handles approx. 70% of South Africa’s containers and generates 60% of South ...