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  • Constructed wetlands : a future alternative wastewater treatment technology 

    Mthembu, M. S.; Odinga, C. A.; Swalaha, Feroz Mahomed; Bux, Faizal (Academic Journals, 2013-07-17)
    Wastewater treatment will always pose problems if there are no new alternative technologies in place to replace the currently available technologies. More recently, it has been estimated that developing countries will ...
  • Optimization of riboflavin production by fungi on edible oil effluent 

    Swalaha, Feroz Mahomed (2010)
    South African edible oil processing plants produce approximately 3 x 105 tonnes of oil annually with up to 3 tonnes of water for every tonne of oil produced. Wastewater that contains oil extracts varies in organic loading ...