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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2014Identifying critical success factors: the case of ERP systems in higher educationOlugbara, Oludayo O. ; Kalema, Billy Mathias; Kekwaletswe, Ray M.
2015Identifying environmental and economic benefits of cleaner production in a manufacturing company: a case study of a paper and pulp manufacturing company in KwaZulu-NatalDoorasamy, Mishelle 
2007ILS: towards an alternative qualification model for information and libraries in the African contextRaju, Jayarani
15-Jan-2015The impact of cash management on profitability and sustainability of small retail businesses in the Tongaat area, KwaZulu-NatalMungal, Avika 
18-Feb-2014The impact of communication skills as a subject in the programme Cost and management accounting at the Durban University of TechnologyNaidoo, Suntharmurthy Kristnasamy
15-Jan-2015The impact of the deferred tax adjustment on the EVA measure for JSE-listed food producers and retailers in South AfricaNaicker, Melissa
2012Impact of the digital divide on information literacy training in a higher education contextNaidoo, Segarani ; Raju, Jayarani
2011The impact of the digital divide on information literacy training of Extended Curriculum Programme students at the Durban University of TechnologyNaidoo, Segarani 
2015The impact of the integrated assessment on the critical thinking skills of the first-year Extended Curriculum Programme students in the Department of Management Accounting at the Durban University of TechnologyCloete, Melanie Bernice 
2015The impact of the National Credit Act, 2005 on the affordability of home loans in PinetownSewnunan, Teshani Devi 
2015Indentifying and examining the nature and extent of external factors influencing growth and development of selected SMME's in Durban Kwa Zulu NatalNgubane, Sisanda Michelle 
2016Integration of satellite system and Stratospheric Communication Platforms (SCP) for weather observationSibiya, Sihle S. 
Jun-2012Introducing an adaptive kernel density feature points estimator for image representationZuva, Tranos; Olugbara, Oludayo O. ; Ojo, Sunday O.; Ngwira, Seleman M.
2012Investigating the performance of minimax search and aggregate mahalanobis distance function in evolving an Ayo/Awale PlayerRandle, O. A.; Olugbara, Oludayo O. ; Lall, M.
2017Investigating vendor selection criteria in information technology outsourcing using multiple criteria decision makingBugwandin, Roshelle 
2016An investigation into administrative workload and support for academic staff at the Durban University of TechnologyQwabe, Bongani Penuel 
2005An investigation into performance testing for e-commerce web-based applicationsMhlabane, Michael J.
16-Sep-2014An investigation into the accounting treatment of property, plant and equipment at public higher education institutions in South AfricaKheru, Sunildutt
2006An investigation into the digital scanning of photographs in archival collectionsSomers, Nellayselviekumarie Subramany
2004An investigation into the factors that affect change in the attitudes of managers in higher educational institutions on reaching positions of authorityNaidoo, Tigambery