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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016The effect of spinal manipulation on biceps brachii muscle activityVictor, Aldo 
20-May-2014The effect of the activator adjusting instrument in the treatment of chronic sacroiliac joint syndromeCoetzee, Natasha
2017The effect of thoracic spine manipulation compared to thoracic spine and costovertebral joint manipulation on mechanical mid-back pain at the Durban University of Technology Chiroptractic Day ClinicPetersen, Gabriela Elisa da Silva 
2011The effectiveness of combined manipulation and rehabilitation versus rehabilitation only, in the management of chronic ankle instabilityLubbe, Danella
2006The effectiveness of first rib adjustment as an adjunct to the treatment of mechanical neck painBrown, Colin Douglas
2005The effectiveness of gluteus medius and iliotibial band stretching, versus strengthening, in the rehabilitation of iliotibial band syndrome in long distance runnersGangat, A. K.
2015The effectiveness of lower thoracic spinal manipulation on lumbar extensor muscle endurance and range of motion in asymptomatic males : a placebo controlled studyMatsebula, Lindelwe 
2003The effectiveness of manipulation of the subtalar joint combined with static stretching of the triceps surae muscles compared to manipulation alone in the treatment of Plantar FasciitisBlake, Terri Lyndal
2003The effectiveness of manual manipulation versus the Activator Adjusting Instrument in the management of acute facet syndrome of the lumbar spineGillespie, David McKenzie
2002The effectiveness of sacroiliac manipulation alone versus sacroiliac manipulation following ischaemic compression of gluteus medius trigger points in the treatment of sacroiliac syndromeThompson, Neil
2014The effectiveness of spinal manipulation at L3 on lumbar paraspinal extensor muscle endurance in asymptomatic malesThiel, Gregory Justin 
2017The effectiveness of spinal manipulative therapy compared to core muscle strengthening on club head velocity and ball carry in asymptomatic amateur male golfersRambrij, Ranen 
2010The effectiveness of three treatment protocols in the treatment of iliotibial band friction syndromeTurnbull, Grant S. D.
2005The effects of sacroiliac manipulation on arthrogenic muscle inhibition in the hip musculature in patients with sacroiliac syndromeMorgan, Beverley
2005The efficacy of a single maintained contact drop piece manipulation technique in the treatment of sacroiliac syndromeBotha, Quentin Martin
1999The efficacy of adjusting the ankle in the treatment of subacute and chronic grade I and II ankle inversion sprainsPellow, Justin Edward
2003The efficacy of chiropractic manipulative therapy in the management of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in childrenCawood, Lara
2001The efficacy of combined diclofenac therapy and spinal manipulation compared to combined placebo therapy and spinal manipulation in the treatment of mechanical low back painWhite, Powan Harvey
2002The efficacy of manipulation and mobilization in the treatment of Morton's neuromaGovender, Neetu
2017Examiner reliability and clinical responsiveness of motion palpation to detect biomechanical dysfunction of the the hip jointBertolotti, Gina Leigh