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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A comparative study of three different types of manual therapy techniques in the management of chronic mechanical neck painRoodt, Maria Louisa Elizabeth
2007A comparative study to determine the efficacy of two different massage therapy oils in the treatment of chronic active trapezius myofascial trigger pointsPedlar, Claudia
2016A comparative study with of the NMR spectra of Sulphur 12CH prepared using Hahnemannian method and sonicationMarsh-Brown, Scott 
2016A comparison between the efficacy of radionically prepared gibberellic acid and homoeopathically prepared gibberellic acid (GHP) on the germination rate and seedling development of barley seedsKleingeld, Gerhard 
2010A comparison between the traditional use of Strychnos henningsii and the homoeopathic indications of Strychnos henningsii 30CHMaharaj, Poonam
2001A comparison of attitudes towards and practices of waste management in three different socio-economic residential areas of UmtataPoswa, Tobius Thobile
2001A comparison of Hahnemannian and Korsakovian potentising methods using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance SpectroscopyDavies,Troy Murray
1996The comparison of McMannis traction and intermittent traction both in conjuction with chiropractic spinal manipulation in the management of chronic mechanical lower back painPalmer, Melanie Jane 
8-Apr-2014A comparison of mobilisation and exercise in the treatment of chronic non-specific neck painMeyer, Elsje Maria
2011A comparison of symptoms derived from a C4 trituration and the materia medica of an existing, well-proven homoeopathic remedyGoote, Chryso
2002A comparison of the 80MHz, 200MHz and 500MHz nuclear magnetic resonance spectra of homoeopathic sulphur 30CHCason, Angela
2004Comparison of the effectiveness of group interventions on Indian women diagnosed with mild to moderate depression at an urban psychiatric clinic in KwaZulu–NatalChetty, Dayanithee
27-Aug-2012A comparison of the effectiveness of two homoeopathic dosage forms of Momordica charantia in the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus in patients on metforminGovender, Saiesh
2016A comparison of the efficacy of Syzygium Jambolanum (Java Plum) 6CH and Syzygium Jambolanum (Java Plum) homoeopathic mother tincture in the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus in patients on Metformin?Mkhize, Pretty Brightness 
2011A comparison of the efficacy of two homoeopathic interventions in the treatment of primary hypertension in adult femalesAboobaker, Raeesa
2001A comparison of the initial and short term effects of cervical spine adjustments and acetylsalicylic acid in the treatment of mild to moderate episodic tension-type headache and its recurrenceKidson, Mark Andrew Rex
2001A comparison of the relative effectiveness of high and ultra high dilutions of abscisic acid prepared by serial dilution and succession as opposed to dilutions prepared by serial dilution alone, on the synthesis of alpha-amylase in barley endosperm half-seedsBruni, Rouen
2007A comparison of the results from the proving of Erythrina lysistemon 30CH, with toxicology of the crude substanceGryn, Agnieszka
2010A comparison of the results of a triple blind proving of Strychnos henningsii 30CH with the materia medica of existing remedies showing repertorial similarityNaidoo, Melanie
2007A comparison of the results of a triple-blind homoeopathic drug proving of Erythrina lysistemon 30CH, to the doctrine of signaturesThiel, Gregory Justin