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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008The core stability, club head velocity and ball carry in golfers with and without low back pain : a comparative studyBower, Guy
6-Mar-2015Corporate social responsibility in the dental technology industry in KwaZulu-NatalZondi, Minenhle Promise Phamela
2009Correlation between cerebral tissue oxygen saturation and central venous oxygen saturation during off-pump coronary artery bypass graft surgeryHarilall, Yakeen 
Mar-2013Correlation between glutathione S-transferase Mu 1 (GSTM1) and glutathione S-transferase pi gene (GSTP1) polymorphisms and markers of inflammatory stress in pregnant femalesReddy, Poovendhree ; Naidoo, Rajen N. ; Chuturgoon, Anil A. ; Asharam, Kareshma ; Naidoo, Dhaneshree; Phulukdaree, Alisa; Gounden, Shivona
2016The correlation between the suspected clinical diagnoses and the radiographic diagnoses for patients with shoulder painRedman, Jade Lee 
2007A cross sectional cohort pilot study of the activation and endurance of the transversus abdominis muscle in three populationsFerguson, Sarah Kim
2005A cross-sectional cohort study of core stability muscle activation and endurance in elite male athletes and its link with mechanical lower back painRobertson, Natalie
6-Mar-2015Current pedagogical teaching strategies being used by educators at the KwaZulu-Natal College of Nursing campuses across varied subjects and their views regarding innovative methodologiesSubhan, Mary Shamane
2009The current role of the chiropractor in the patient-centered approach to stress managementDeonarain, Jitesh
2015Customer satisfaction within pharmacies in a supermarket: a South African perspectivePenceliah, Darry S. ; Adat, Nafisa ; Noel, Dion Trevor 
2009A demographic and descriptive survey of chiropractic patients at the chiropractic clinic at Kimberly [i.e. Kimberley] Public Hospital ComplexHiggs, Madelaine
20-May-2014Demographic characteristics of patients attending DUT Chiropractic Day Clinic : a comparison of trends between 1994 and 2011McDonald, Murray L.
1995Demographic data, clinical conditions, treatment and clinical methods employed by homoeopathic private practitioners as compared to homoeopathy students at Technikon Natal : their significance in the quality of treatment receivedFerrucci, Loretta 
2007Dental composite materials: highlighting the problem of wear for posterior restorationsLe Roux, Andre Rayne; Lachman, Nirusha
4-Mar-2015A description of the utilisation of the partograph by midwives in the public hospitals in the Umgungundlovu district, KwaZulu-NatalSingh, Reenadevi
3-Mar-2015A descriptive study into the cold chain management of childhood vaccines by nurses in primary health care clinics in the uMgungundlovu DistrictPillay, Shamla
2008Design and evaluation of alumina/feldspar resin infiltrated dental composite materialsLe Roux, Andre Rayne
2015A desktop evaluation of the potential impact of nanotechnology applications in the field of environmental health in a developing countryNaidoo, Levani ; Kistnasamy, Emilie Joy 
4-Mar-2015Determinants of key drivers for potable water treatment cost in uMngeni BasinRangeti, Innocent 
2006A determination of normal reference ranges for bone mineral density for Indian women of varying age groups in KZN : the impact of local data on the diagnosis of osteoporosisSunder, Roshnee