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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Mar-2015A descriptive study into the cold chain management of childhood vaccines by nurses in primary health care clinics in the uMgungundlovu DistrictPillay, Shamla
2008Design and evaluation of alumina/feldspar resin infiltrated dental composite materialsLe Roux, Andre Rayne
2015A desktop evaluation of the potential impact of nanotechnology applications in the field of environmental health in a developing countryNaidoo, Levani ; Kistnasamy, Emilie Joy 
4-Mar-2015Determinants of key drivers for potable water treatment cost in uMngeni BasinRangeti, Innocent 
2006A determination of normal reference ranges for bone mineral density for Indian women of varying age groups in KZN : the impact of local data on the diagnosis of osteoporosisSunder, Roshnee
2007Determination of the antimicrobial properties of Withania somnifera and Xysmalobium undulatum plant tinctures in terms of the disc diffusion assay and the agar dilution sensitivity testMotara, Farhad Essop
1994Determining the role chiropractic plays in the management of tension-type headachePenter, Christopher Sean
Oct-2015Developing an Epistemic Game: A Preliminary Examination of the Muscle Mania¬© Mobile GameVahed, Anisa ; Singh, Shalini 
2013Development of a disinfection protocol for the public sector Emergency Medical Services in the eThekwini District of KwaZulu-NatalWilliams-Claassen, Natalee Jean 
2010The development of a framework to retain migrating South African undergraduate Advanced Life Support paramedicsGovender, Pregalathan
2008Development of a tool to define the population of emergency medical care users in South AfricaBowen, James Marcus
Jul-2013Diagnostic value of signal-averaged electrocardiogram in arrythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy patientsAdam, Waseem S.; Adam, Jamila Khatoon ; Hendricks, Neil
18-Sep-2012Directed evolution: tailoring biocatalysts for industrial applicationsKumar, Ashwani ; Singh, Suren 
9-Sep-2014Directly-Observed Treatment Strategy implementation practices in a hospital in eThekwini health districtMiya, Respect M. 
9-Sep-2014Directly-observed treatment strategy implementation practices in a hospital in eThekwini health districtMiya, Respect M. 
12-Jun-2014A doctrine of signatures-based evaluation of the results of a triple blind proving of Strychnos henningsii 30CHNaidoo, Nerisha
12-Jun-2014A double blind placebo controlled homoeopathic proving of Malus domestica 30CH, with a subsequent comparative analysis according to the doctrine of signaturesRamnarayan, Sumir
20-May-2015A double blind placebo controlled proving and comparative material medica of UbiquinoneNaidoo, Keshia 
2017A double blind placebo controlled proving of Nelumbo nucifera 30CH with subsequent comparison to its cultural significancePillay, Tharushka 
2006A double blinded, placebo controlled study to determine the influence of the clinical ritual in instrument assisted adjusting during the management of mechanical low back painDugmore, Belinda Rose