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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-May-2015A double blind placebo controlled proving and comparative material medica of UbiquinoneNaidoo, Keshia 
2017A double blind placebo controlled proving of Nelumbo nucifera 30CH with subsequent comparison to its cultural significancePillay, Tharushka 
2006A double blinded, placebo controlled study to determine the influence of the clinical ritual in instrument assisted adjusting during the management of mechanical low back painDugmore, Belinda Rose
2011A double-blind homoeopathic drug proving of Curcuma longa 30CH with the subsequent comparison to the Ayurvedic and phytotherapeutic indications thereofRajkoomar, Suhana
2011A double-blind homoeopathic drug proving of Curcuma longa 30CH, analysing sympotomatology [i.e. symptomatology] in relation to the doctrine of signaturesPillay, Karasee
2015A double-blind placebo controlled homoeopathic proving of Malus domestica 30CH, with a subsequent comparison of proving symptomatology to homoeopathic remedies of repertorial similarityMoonsamy, Brenton Ricardo 
2009A double-blinded placebo-controlled investigation into the effect of therapeutic ultrasound on radial artery blood flowVaratharajullu, Desiree
2006A double-blinded, placebo controlled clinical trial evaluating the efficacy of the Harpago and celery seed cream in mild to moderate degenerative joint disease of the kneePillay, Desigan
2014The effect of a cooling cuff and moist ice pack on radial artery blood flow and lumen diameterGernetzky, Joshua 
2016The effect of a dance and music programme on the functional ability of the residents of an old age home in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-NatalGqada, Nomusa Constance 
1996The effect of a homoeopathic complex (Candidum, Helonias, Mercurius solubilis and Sepia officinalis) on growth and germ tube production of Candida albicansPeckham, Allen 
1997The effect of a homoeopathic complex (Sil-Sel-Hep-K-Lap-Puls) on acne vulgarisLee, Monique
1997The effect of a homoeopathic halitosis complex on patients with oral malodourNeumann, Jacqueline Watson
1997The effect of a homoeopathic preparation in the control of tobacco mosaic virusWebb, Kathleen A.
1999The effect of a homoeopathic preparation of sweetpotato whitefly (bemisia tabaci genn.) in the control of the invasion of tomato plants (lycopersicon esculentum l.) by sweetpotato whiteflyCarey, Angela Moira 
2003The effect of a sacroiliac joint manipulation on hip rotation ranges of motion in patients suffering with chronic sacroiliac syndromeBisset, Gregory
2002The effect of a scuba diving cylinder on static lumbar spine postureAnaniadis, Christopher
2009The effect of a single versus multiple cervical spine manipulations on peak torque of the rotator cuff muscles in asymptomatic subjects with cervical spine fixationBlakeney, Carmen
2008The effect of action potential simulation on post dry-needling soreness in the treatment of active trapezius myofascitisManga, Hitesh
2016The effect of ankle joint manipulation on peroneal and soleus muscle activity in chronic ankle instability syndromeDicks, Jason