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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A comparative analysis of animal chiropractic regulation within seven countriesDu Plessis, Christine 
28-May-2014A comparative analysis of six international chiropractic regulatory systemsAdams, Justin
2001A comparative analysis of the 3-field radiation treatment technique versus the 4-field radiation treatment technique in the treatment of patients presenting with either stage B or stage C prostate cancerMoodley, Loganee
2002A comparative analysis of the Dream proving and Hahnemannian proving of an existing Homoeopathic remedy {Bitis arietans arietans}.Pillay, Annette 
24-Jul-2013Comparative assessment of absolute cardiovascular disease risk characterization from non-laboratory- based risk assessment in South African populationsGaziano, Thomas A. ; Pandya, Ankur ; Steyn, Krisela ; Levitt, Naomi ; Mollentze, Willie ; Joubert, Gina ; Walsh, Corinna M ; Motala, Ayesha A. ; Kruger, Annamarie ; Schutte, Aletta E. ; Naidoo, Datshana Prakash ; Prakaschandra, Dorcas Rosaley ; Laubscher, Ria 
1996The comparative effectiveness of adjustments versus mobilisation in treating mechanical neck conditionsScott-Dawkins, Craig Anthony 
1995The comparative effects of the homoeopathic remedy Staphylococcinum, and Penicillin G, and the growth paramaters and enzyme producing ability of Staphylococcus aureusDe Waard, Anton Hans
2016Comparative in vitro analysis of a balanced electrolyte solution versus an unbalanced electrolyte solution, for processing of residual pump blood using cell saver for patients undergoing elective cardiac surgeryPillay, Krishnan 
2004A comparative in vitro study of the antimicrobial effectiveness of baptisia tinctoria extract in 62% ethanol and baptisia tinctoria extract in distilled waterSingh, Shamini
2003A comparative investigation into the effectiveness of two mobilizations in the treatment of symptomatic Hallux abductovalgus (bunions)Herholdt, Carel Theron
2017Comparative nuclear magnetic resonance study of Natrum muriaticum LM1 produced in-house and obtained from commercial sources respectivelyMiller, Garth Meredith 
2002A comparative point prevalence study of temporomandibular joint dysfunction in recreational scuba divers as opposed to non-divers : a pilot studyHall, Lee Ann
2015A comparative study of a novel and school issued backpack on high school adolescent posture at the New Forest High School in the eThekwini district of KwaZulu-NatalReddy, Kimera 
2002A comparative study of ethanolic versus triturated dilutions in terms of the amount of caffeine extracted from Coffea tosta by means of high pressure liquid chromatographyHarris, Bronwyn Claire
2010A comparative study of Hahnemannian and radionically prepared potencies of Natrum muriaticum using nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopyAllsopp, Clare
1997A comparative study of spinal manipulative therapy and spinal manipulative therapy combined with soft tissue therapy in the management of mechanical low back painGomes, Adrian Neil 
2001A comparative study of the 14C-Urea Breath Test and histology for the detection of Helicobacter pylori in terms of cost effectiveness and patient acceptabilityPeer, Fawzia Ismail 
2014A comparative study of the knowledge, attitudes and perceptions of post graduate homoeopathy and post basic nursing students with regard to the adverse effects of vaccination in childrenRohith, Suvishka 
2004A comparative study of the NMR spectra of parallel potencies of Pulsatilla pratensis, prepared according to Hahnemannian and anthroposophical extended medicine methods respectivelyErasmus, Fourie
2002A comparative study of the NMR spectra of parallel potencies of Sulphur with reference to similarities of concentration and dynamisationn.Malan, Johannes Francios