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2006A clinically controlled study investigating the effect of dry needling muscle tissue in asymptomatic subjects with respect to post-needling sorenessFerreira, Emile
2007A comparative study to determine the efficacy of two different massage therapy oils in the treatment of chronic active trapezius myofascial trigger pointsPedlar, Claudia
2008The effect of action potential simulation on post dry-needling soreness in the treatment of active trapezius myofascitisManga, Hitesh
2011The effect of heat therapy on post-dry needling soreness in the deltoid muscle of asymptomatic subjectsGovender, Merissa
2011The effect of Kinesio ª taping space-correction-technique on post-needling soreness in the trapezius muscle trigger point twoZuidewind, Mark
2017The effectiveness of a myofascial treatment protocol combined with cryotherapy compared to cryotherapy alone in the treatment of acute and subacute ankle sprainsKahere, Morris 
9-Apr-2014The effectiveness of spinal manipulation and dry needling versus spinal manipulation and Traumeel®S injectable solution in the treatment of mechanical neck pain associated with trapezius myofascial trigger pointsAbdul-Rasheed, Ashura
20-Aug-2012The efficacy of phonophoresis with Traumeel® S in the treatment of upper trapezius myofasciitisDeonarain, Virosha
2011An investigation into the effect of examiner-training on the inter-examiner reliability of the palpation of myofascial trigger pointsMoodley, Kubashnie
2010An investigation into the role of forward head posture as an associated factor in the presentation of episodic tension-type and cervicogenic headachesDuani, Victor
2007The prevalence and clinical presentation of fibularis myofascial trigger points in the assessment and treatment of inversion ankle sprainsVan der Toorn, Ingrid
8-Apr-2014The prevalence and pattern of myofascial trigger points in the shoulder girdles of swimmers as compared to non-swimmers in the greater Durban area.Kinsman, Tim Graham
2003The relative effectiveness of a home programme of ischaemic compression, sustained stretch and a combination of both for the treatment of myofascial trigger points in the upper trapezius musculatureThoresson, Marlon 
2000The relative effectiveness of chiropractic manipulation to the level of main segmental nerve supply as opposed to dry needling in the treatment of muscles with myofascial trigger pointsPooke, Hayden Clyde 
2012The relative effectiveness of Kinesiotape versus dry needling in patients with myofascial pain syndrome of the trapezius muscleVan der Westhuizen, Jan Hendrik
2000The relative effectiveness of laser versus dry needling in the treatment of myofasciitisMiller, Karen Janette 
1999The relative effectiveness of proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitative stretching as compared to static stretching in the treatment of active myofascial trigger pointsMacDougall, Tarryn Clair
2012The role of and relationship between hamstring and quadriceps muscle myofascial trigger points in patients with patellofemoral pain syndromeSmith, Karen Louise Frandsen
1998The treatment of myofascial syndrome using transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) : a comparison between two types of electrode placementsHutchings, Tracey Ann