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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997The effect of a homoeopathic halitosis complex on patients with oral malodourNeumann, Jacqueline Watson
1997The effect of a homoeopathic preparation in the control of tobacco mosaic virusWebb, Kathleen A.
2003The effect of a sacroiliac joint manipulation on hip rotation ranges of motion in patients suffering with chronic sacroiliac syndromeBisset, Gregory
2002The effect of a scuba diving cylinder on static lumbar spine postureAnaniadis, Christopher
2009The effect of a single versus multiple cervical spine manipulations on peak torque of the rotator cuff muscles in asymptomatic subjects with cervical spine fixationBlakeney, Carmen
2008The effect of action potential simulation on post dry-needling soreness in the treatment of active trapezius myofascitisManga, Hitesh
2016The effect of ankle joint manipulation on peroneal and soleus muscle activity in chronic ankle instability syndromeDicks, Jason 
2015The effect of bra size correction on selected postural parameterMthabela, Nosipho Pearl 
2002The effect of camphor, naphthalene (moth balls), and electromagnetic radiation on 4cH and 200cH homoeopathic potencies of gibberellic acid and their subsequent ability to promote germination of barley seed (Hordeum Vulgare), as measured by a germination indexStubbs, Claire
2009The effect of cervical and thoracic spinal manipulations on blood pressure in normotensive malesPastellides, Angela Niky
10-Feb-2015The effect of craniocervical flexion exercise on cervical posture and cervical range of motion in asymptomatic participantsCamitsis, Aaryn
2008The effect of cryotherapy on post dry needling sorenessChonan, Dheshini
2004The effect of desirable behavioural characteristics of the chiropractic intern during the management of mechanical low back pain : a patient perception studyGardner, Patrick
2007The effect of differing clinical settings on chiropractic patients suffering from mechanical low back painRichardson, Grant Walter
2007The effect of differing clinical settings on chiropractic patients suffering from mechanical low back painRichardson, Grant Walter
2009The effect of exercise on solute removal during haemodialysis in end-stage renal diseaseSingh, Shakthi
2016The effect of four different manipulative techniques on Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome (ITBFS) in terms of primary and secondary outcome measuresBotes, Jacques Andre 
2002The effect of frequent and infrequent chiropractic treatments in the management of mechanical low back painMacleod, Megan Rose
2011The effect of heat therapy on post-dry needling soreness in the deltoid muscle of asymptomatic subjectsGovender, Merissa
1998The effect of homoeopathic B-lactamase nosode on staphylococcus aureusMadel, Fritz Johann