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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011The effect of heat therapy on post-dry needling soreness in the deltoid muscle of asymptomatic subjectsGovender, Merissa
1998The effect of homoeopathic B-lactamase nosode on staphylococcus aureusMadel, Fritz Johann
13-Nov-2013The effect of homoeopathic Ozonum in various potencies on growth and yield of the Lollo Bionda Lobi cultivar of leafy lettuce (lactuca sativa) cultivated in a closed hydroponic systemDe Pontes, Anthony
2000The effect of homoeopathic potencies of a fungicide, Acrobat (Dimethomorph and Mancozeb), on downy mildew (Peronospora parasitica) of cabbage seedlings (Brassica oleracea)Dawson, Nicole
2001The effect of homoeopathic potencies of abscisic acid on the production of a-amylase in barley seeds (Hordeum vulgare) in the presence of gibberellic acidCouchman, Ingrid Marcelline Stephanie 
1997The effect of homoeopathic similimum treatment on atopic eczemaOpperman, Celia
1997The effect of homoeopathic simillimum treatment on irritable bowel syndrome sufferersRademan, Wim Marius
1998The effect of homoeopathic treatment on percentage germination of lettuce (lacuta savita) seeds and the effect of a homoeopathic antidote upon these treatmentsHopkins, Crofton Russell
2001The effect of homoeopathically prepared dilutions of gibberellic acid on the germination of barley seed (Hordeum vulgare L.) as measured by a germination indexLok, Karen Him
2017The effect of interferential current treatment duration on chronic low back painCarim, Ahmed Abdul 
1998The effect of intermittent, mechanical cervical traction in the chiropractic management of mechanical neck painWood, Roger Simon
1998The effect of intermittent, mechanical cervical traction in the chiropractic management of mechanical neck painWood, Timothy George
2011The effect of Kinesio ª taping space-correction-technique on post-needling soreness in the trapezius muscle trigger point twoZuidewind, Mark
2011The effect of Kinesioª tape on quadriceps muscle power output, length/tension, and hip and knee range of motion in asymptomatic cyclistsNelson, Dani Keren
6-Mar-2015The effect of long axis manipulation of the third metacarpophalangeal joint on articular surface separation, peri-articular soft tissue movement and joint cavitationFogwell, William Peter
2011The effect of optimizing cerebral tissue oxygen saturation on markers of neurological injury during coronary artery bypass graft surgeryHarilall, Yakeen 
2011The effect of Phosphoricum acidum 200CH on the adverse physiological effects induced by exercise in cyclistsPantalone, Giovanni
2001The effect of Phytolacca decandra in the prophylaxis of bovine mastitis.Vosloo, Werner
2017The effect of sacroiliac joint manipulation compared to manipulation and static stretching of the posterior oblique sling group of muscles in participants with chronic sacroiliac joint syndromeSwanepoel, Shaylene 
2014The effect of sacroiliac joint manipulation on lumbar extensor muscle endurance in asymptomatic individualsJones, Kate