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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998The effect of intermittent, mechanical cervical traction in the chiropractic management of mechanical neck painWood, Timothy George
2011The effect of Kinesio ª taping space-correction-technique on post-needling soreness in the trapezius muscle trigger point twoZuidewind, Mark
2011The effect of Kinesioª tape on quadriceps muscle power output, length/tension, and hip and knee range of motion in asymptomatic cyclistsNelson, Dani Keren
6-Mar-2015The effect of long axis manipulation of the third metacarpophalangeal joint on articular surface separation, peri-articular soft tissue movement and joint cavitationFogwell, William Peter
2011The effect of optimizing cerebral tissue oxygen saturation on markers of neurological injury during coronary artery bypass graft surgeryHarilall, Yakeen 
2011The effect of Phosphoricum acidum 200CH on the adverse physiological effects induced by exercise in cyclistsPantalone, Giovanni
1994The effect of physostigma venenosum om myopiaPillay, Bavani 
2001The effect of Phytolacca decandra in the prophylaxis of bovine mastitis.Vosloo, Werner
2017The effect of sacroiliac joint manipulation compared to manipulation and static stretching of the posterior oblique sling group of muscles in participants with chronic sacroiliac joint syndromeSwanepoel, Shaylene 
2014The effect of sacroiliac joint manipulation on lumbar extensor muscle endurance in asymptomatic individualsJones, Kate 
2012The effect of sacroiliac joint manipulation, when combined with conventional treatment, in the management of chronic hamstring strainsAllison, Brett Michael
2002The effect of segmental manipulation of the cervical spine on grip strength in patients with mechanical cervical spine dysfunctionNaidoo, Trevor Pragasen
2002The effect of spinal manipulation as compared to passive oscillatory mobilization in thoracic spine range of motion and pain, in patients with chronic mechanical thoracic spine dysfunctionDimopoulos, Alex Illya
2016The effect of spinal manipulation on biceps brachii muscle activityVictor, Aldo 
2002The effect of spinal manipulative therapy to the atlanto-occipital and atlanto-axial articulations on the blood pressure of normotensive Caucasian male subjectsSutherland, Scott Lovell
1999The effect of stretching the hamstring muscles on low back pain in cyclistsPerkin, Jonathan Charles
20-May-2014The effect of the activator adjusting instrument in the treatment of chronic sacroiliac joint syndromeCoetzee, Natasha
2017The effect of thoracic spine manipulation compared to thoracic spine and costovertebral joint manipulation on mechanical mid-back pain at the Durban University of Technology Chiroptractic Day ClinicPetersen, Gabriela Elisa da Silva 
2015The effect of three different cooling gels on acute non-specific low back painPrince, Cleo Kirsty 
2003The effect of three manipulative treatment protocols on quadriceps muscle strength in patients with Patellofemoral Pain SyndromeHillermann, Bernd