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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006An evaluation of sulphur dioxide fume levels and the prevalence of darkroom disease symptoms amongst radiology workers in NamibiaDamases, Christine
1993The evaluation of the applicability of using gold plating to enhance the predictability and strength of base metal post ceramic gold solder joints when using a flux that does not discolour the porcelainWaddell, John Neil
23-Jul-2014An evaluation of the appropriateness of emergency medical service (EMS) responses in the eThekwini health district of KwaZulu-NatalNewton, Paul Richard
1997An evaluation of the colours of base metal alloy oxide layers, and its effects on the shade of base metal alloy metal-ceramic restorationsSomers, Grant Brandon
2016An evaluation of the culture of patient safety as a critical element of healthcare in a public hospital in Durban, KwaZulu-NatalGovender, Vathanayagie 
2013An evaluation of the effectiveness of the sonogram and the clinical determination of the arterio-venous fistula site in the diabetic population entering the chronic haemodialysis programRamnarain, Rakhee 
25-Apr-2013An evaluation of the efficacy of a HIV and AIDS management system in a multinational manufacturing organisation in KwaZulu-NatalPillay, Annezt Louise
2001An evaluation of the efficacy of a homeopathic complex, Premenstron, in the treatment of premenstrual syndrome in terms of the patients' perceptionSarawan, Shanie
1996An evaluation of the efficacy of acupuncture and homoeopathic treatment in helping people to stop smokingDe La Rouviere, Alexandra Mary
2002An evaluation of the homoeopathic drug proving of Suiherlandia fruiescens in the light of a doctrine of signatures analysisLow, Lisa
2008An evaluation of the homoeopathic drug proving of Gymnura natalensis in light of a doctrine of signatures analysis and a comparison between the proving symptomatology and venom toxicologyPather, Thrishal
2004An evaluation of the homoeopathic drug proving of Naja Mossambica in the light of a doctrine of signatures analysis and a comparison between the proving symptons and the venom toxicologyTaylor, Liesel
2001An evaluation of the relative effectiveness of mother tincture, 3X and 8X homeopathic garlic (allium sativum) dilutions on five strains of nosocomial multidrug-resistant microorganisms in terms of bacteriostatic and bactericidal effects in order to validate the clinical use of garlic in patients infected by these organismsDe Smidt, Johannes Willem
2007An evaluation of the triple-blind homoeopathic drug proving of an indigenous South African substance, Erythrina lysistemon 30CH, and the traditional uses of the crude substanceOlivier, Monique
5-Mar-2015Evaluation of the use of guided reflective journals during clinical learning and practice by undergraduate nursing students at the Durban University of TechnologyMahlanze, Hazel Thokozani
2002An evaluation of the use of the human immuno-deficiency virus portion of the integrated management of childhood illness algorithm by nurses in selected primary health care clinics in KwaZulu-NatalHaskins, Joan Lynette Mary
2004An evaluation of transvaginal ultrasound in the assessment of endometrial thickness in black South African patients presenting with postmenopausal uterine bleedingMoodley, Premla
2005The evaluation of ultrasonographic findings in the management of plantar fasciitis in runners and the association with clinical findingsDunn, Shoshanna Lee
2017Examiner reliability and clinical responsiveness of motion palpation to detect biomechanical dysfunction of the the hip jointBertolotti, Gina Leigh 
2015Experiences of community care givers caring for clients suffering from tuberculosis in eThekwini district, KwaZulu-NatalMazibuko, Ntombifuthi Norah