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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996The efficacy of spinal manipulative therapy in the treatment of mechanical neck painParkin-Smith, Gregory Frederick
2002The efficacy of static magnetic therapy as an adjunct to chiropractic manipulation for the treatment of mechanical low back painTerry, Lynette Vanessa
2000The efficacy of strain counterstrain mobilization in patients with painful hallux abducto valgus bunionsBroodryk, Marie
1997The efficacy of the combination of chiropractic and an anthroposophical remedy in the treatment of symptomatic cervical spondylosisHopkins, Alison Louise Crofton
2005The efficacy of the Graston technique instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization in the reduction of scar tissue in the management of chronic ankle instability syndrome following an ankle inversion sprainParker, Alexandra
2005The efficacy of the Graston technique instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilisation (GISTM) in the treatment of plantar fasciitis in runnersMaartens, Kirsten
2003The efficacy of the main miasmatic nosodes in the treatment of chronic sinusitisDlamini, Nomthandazo
2005The efficacy of therapeutic faradic stimulation in patients with myofascial pain syndrome of the trapezius and levator scapula musculatureBedell-Sivright, Hayley Anne
2002The efficacy of thymus vulgaris tincture as an antibacterial agentVosloo, Chiquita
2011Emergency transport of obstetric patients within the Ugu Health DistrictGovender, Seenivasan
2008An epidemiological analysis of traumatic cervical spine fractures at a referral spinal unit : a three-month studySingh, Natasha
19-Jun-2015An epidemiological investigation into primary headaches in an adolescent population in public high schools in the Westville Ward of the Pinetown School DistrictCrestani, Melissa Maria Alessandra 
2011An epidemiological investigation into the risk factors associated with neck pain in the Indian population in the greater Durban areaMuchna, Julie Miroslava
2004An epidemiological investigation of dance injuries in ballet dancers in the greater Durban areaBalding, Kathleen-Jada
1997An epidemiological investigation of low back pain in a formal Black South African townshipVan der Meulen, Anthony G.
2012An epidemiological investigation of low back pain in the white population of the greater eThekwini metropolitan areaDyer, Brinique Ann
2018An epidemiological investigation of musculoskeletal injuries among rhythmic gymnasts in the eThekwini MunicipalityStrauss, Tylah 
2010An epidemiological investigation of neck pain in the white population in the greater Durban areaSlabbert, Warren Neville
2004An epidemiological study of low back pain in a student population of a South African tertiary educational institutionSmith, Craig Desmond
2005An epidemiological study of selected risk factors associated with low back pain amongst refuse truck drivers in the eThekwini MunicipalityMiosh, S. Ramroop