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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Chiropractic care in association with a wellness approach for the treatment of mechanical low back painOpperman, Estelle
2007A cross sectional cohort pilot study of the activation and endurance of the transversus abdominis muscle in three populationsFerguson, Sarah Kim
2006A double blinded, placebo controlled study to determine the influence of the clinical ritual in instrument assisted adjusting during the management of mechanical low back painDugmore, Belinda Rose
2007The effect of differing clinical settings on chiropractic patients suffering from mechanical low back painRichardson, Grant Walter
2007The effect of differing clinical settings on chiropractic patients suffering from mechanical low back painRichardson, Grant Walter
1999The effect of stretching the hamstring muscles on low back pain in cyclistsPerkin, Jonathan Charles
2017The effect of thoracic spine manipulation compared to thoracic spine and costovertebral joint manipulation on mechanical mid-back pain at the Durban University of Technology Chiroptractic Day ClinicPetersen, Gabriela Elisa da Silva 
2015The effect of three different cooling gels on acute non-specific low back painPrince, Cleo Kirsty 
2010The effectiveness of Leander traction versus Static linear traction on chronic facet syndrome patients : a randomised clinical trialHicklin, John Renshaw
2003The effectiveness of manual manipulation versus the Activator Adjusting Instrument in the management of acute facet syndrome of the lumbar spineGillespie, David McKenzie
2005The efficacy of a toggle recoil drop piece adjustment technique in the treatment of sacroiliac dysfunctionJacobs, Ronel C.
1997An epidemiological investigation of low back pain in a formal Black South African townshipVan der Meulen, Anthony G.
2006The immediate effect of a lumbar manipulation on the clinical and performance measures of amateur tennis players suffering from lower back discomfort associated with playing tennisTyfield, Susan
2009The immediate effect of thoraco-lumbar spinal manipulation compared to lower lumbar spinal manipulation on core muscle endurance and activity in patients with mechanical low back painMurray, Stuart M.
2009An investigation into patient management protocols for low back pain by chiropractors in greater Durban areaPalmer, Robert H.
2006An investigation into the effect of a high velocity low amplitude manipulation on core muscle strength in patients with chronic mechanical lower back painUys, Lizette
2007An investigation into the perceived performance in runners with low back pain and receiving spinal manipulation over timeRodda, Phillip Edward
2009An investigation into the relative effectiveness of Transeva and spinal manipulative therapy for mechanical low back painMarshall, Caryn Natalie
2008An investigation into the short term effectiveness of whole body vibration training in acute low back pain sufferersVan der Merwe, Nicolaas Tjaart
2009Lumbar spine manipulation, compared to combined lumbar spine and ankle manipulation for the treatment of chronic mechanical low back painForbes, Lauren Hayley