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2017The effect of interferential current treatment duration on chronic low back painCarim, Ahmed Abdul 
2002The effectiveness of interferential current therapy as an adjunct to manipulation in the treatment of acute mechanical low back painAaron, Mark 
2003The effectiveness of spinal manipulation and interferential current therapy versus oral meloxicam and interferential current therapy in the treatment of acute mechanical low back painBekker-Smith, Carla
2002The effectiveness of spinal manipulative therapy and trans-cutaneous electrical nerve stimulation versus spinal manipulative therapy and placebo trans-cutaneous electrical nerve stimulation in the treatment of mild to moderate chronic tension-type headacheFonseca, Shane Warren
2002The efficacy of action potential therapy, as well as the relative effectiveness of two different action potential therapy electrode placements (abdominal versus paraspinal) in the management of irritable bowel syndromeVon Senger, Ivor
2001The efficacy of action potential therapy, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and placebo in the treatment of osteoarthritis of the kneeNaidoo, Seelan Sadasivasan Kisten
2009An investigation into the relative effectiveness of Transeva and spinal manipulative therapy for mechanical low back painMarshall, Caryn Natalie
2001The relative effectiveness of action potential therapy compared to diclofenac sodium in the treatment of mechanical low back painBowers, Sonia Claire 
1995Study into the treatment of active myofascial trigger points using interferential current as an alternative to dry needling agitationChristie, Kevin Rodney
1997A study of the effectiveness of relief pulse as compared to tens within the realm of chiropractic health careBuchholtz, Michael Allan