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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Practices of self-directed professional development of teachers in South African public schoolsGovender, Rosaline 
30-Oct-2012Preface to the special issue on the tercentenary of the Laplace–Runge–Lenz vectorMaharaj, S. D.; Moyo, Sibusiso ; Popovych, R.
2011A Process-based model for fluidized bed in sand filled reservoirsOlufayo, O. A.; Ochieng, George M.; Ndambuki, Julius M.; Otieno, Fredrick Alfred O. 
2012Product tactics in a complex and turbulent environment viewed through a complexity lensMason, Roger Bruce 
13-Sep-2015Quantification of pathogen inactivation efficacy by free chlorine disinfection of drinking water for QMRAPetterson, S.R. ; Stenström, Thor-Axel 
2014A reformulation of the 3 SS model for community-based tourism : towards an alternative modelMtapuri, Oliver ; Giampiccoli, Andrea 
2014Research output level at Durban University of Technology (DUT) in South Africa: contributing factors and their implicationsCele, Philisiwe Charity ; Lekhanya, Lawrence Mpele 
2013Righting an inverted pyramid : managing a perfect stormBawa, Ahmed C.
20-Oct-2010Sand water storage : unconventional methods to freshwater augmentation in isolated rural communities of South AfricaOtieno, Fredrick Alfred O. ; Olufayo, O. A.; Ochieng, George M.
2015Schools as potential risk sites for Vector-Borne disease transmission: mosquito vectors in rural schools in two municipalities in ColombiaOlano, Victor Alberto ; Matiz, María Inés ; Lenhart, Audrey ; Cabezas, Laura ; Vargas, Sandra Lucía ; Jaramillo, Juan Felipe ; Sarmiento, Diana ; Alexander, Neil ; Stenström, Thor-Axel ; Overgaard, Hans J. 
2012South African higher education : at the center of a cauldron of national imaginationsBawa, Ahmed C.
2016Sputnik from below : space science and public culture in cold war southern AfricaWaetjen, Thembisa 
2015Stable isotope evidence for trophic niche partitioning in a South African savanna rodent communityCodron, Jacqueline ; Duffy, Kevin Jan ; Avenant, N. L. ; Sponheimer, M. ; Leichliter, J. ; Paine, O. ; Sandberg, P. ; Codron, Daryl 
15-Jul-2014Strategies for building resilience to hazards in water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) systems: The role of public private partnershipsJohannessen, Ase ; Rosemarin, Arno ; Thomalla, Frank ; Gerger Swartling, Åsa ; Stenström, Thor-Axel ; Vulturius, Gregor 
Jun-2013Study of Some e-government activities in South AfricaThakur, Surendra ; Singh, Shawren
2015Tourism development in Qatar: towards a diversification strategy beyond the conventional 3 SsGiampiccoli, Andrea ; Mtapuri, Oliver 
2016Towards a comprehensive model of community-based tourism developmentMtapuri, Oliver ; Giampiccoli, Andrea 
18-Apr-2011Towards a more sustainable surface raw water tariff structure in the Vaal basin : a situational analysisDzwairo, Bloodless ; Otieno, Fredrick Alfred O. ; Ochieng, George M.
2006Towards establishing guidelines for performance appraisal of subject librarians in KwaZulu-Natal academic librariesHoskins, Ruth; Leach, Athol; Neerputh, Shirleen 
2-May-2011Treating high nitrate groundwater using surfactant modified zeolite in fixed bed columnMasukume, Mike; Eskandarpour, Akbar; Onyango, Maurice S.; Ochieng, Aoyi; Otieno, Fredrick Alfred O.