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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Factors affecting the improvement of service quality at Universities of Technology: the case of South AfricaGreen, Paul ; Adekanmbi, Oluwole 
2005First level library and/or information science education and training at South African universities and technikons: developments in specialisationRaju, Jayarani
2016Forestry Stewardship Council in relation to market accessibility by small scale timber growers : a case in KwaZulu-NatalMtengu, Sizwe ; Green, Paul 
2012A Framework for designing information technology programmes using ACM/IEEE curriculum guidelinesAdegbehingbe, Oluwakemi D. ; Eyono Obono, Seraphin Desire
2009From library science to information science to knowledge management: providing contexts for LIS researchRaju, Jayarani
28-Feb-2011A grid enabled framework for ubiquitous healthcare service provisioningOlugbara, Sunday O.; Olugbara, Oludayo O. ; Adigun, Mathew O.
2015Habit as a moderator and exogenous predictor of social networks : the case of online social networkingAssensoh-Kodua, Akwesi ; Ngwane, Knowledge Siyabonga Vusamandla 
Sep-2012A hippocratic privacy protection framework for relational databasesOberholzer, Hendrik H.J.G.; Ojo, Sunday O.; Olugbara, Oludayo O. 
2006The historical evolution of university and technikon education and training in South Africa and its implications for articulation between the two types of higher educational institutions with particular reference to LIS education and trainingRaju, Jayarani
2012Hyperspectral image classification using random forests and neural networksAbe, B. T.; Olugbara, Oludayo O. ; Marwala, T.
Jul-2014Identifying critical success factors: the case of ERP systems in higher educationOlugbara, Oludayo O. ; Kalema, Billy Mathias; Kekwaletswe, Ray M.
2015Identifying environmental and economic benefits of cleaner production in a manufacturing company: a case study of a paper and pulp manufacturing company in KwaZulu-NatalDoorasamy, Mishelle 
2007ILS: towards an alternative qualification model for information and libraries in the African contextRaju, Jayarani
2012Impact of the digital divide on information literacy training in a higher education contextNaidoo, Segarani ; Raju, Jayarani
Jun-2012Introducing an adaptive kernel density feature points estimator for image representationZuva, Tranos; Olugbara, Oludayo O. ; Ojo, Sunday O.; Ngwira, Seleman M.
2012Investigating the performance of minimax search and aggregate mahalanobis distance function in evolving an Ayo/Awale PlayerRandle, O. A.; Olugbara, Oludayo O. ; Lall, M.
Feb-2012Kernel density feature points estimator for content-based image retrievalZuva, Tranos; Olugbara, Oludayo O. ; Ojo, Sunday O.; Ngwira, Seleman M.
2009Liberal arts and LIS paraprofessional education in the knowledge context : the cases of South Africa and Quebec, CanadaRaju, Jayarani; Jacobs, Christine
2005LIS education and training in South Africa: a historical reviewRaju, Jayarani
2015Lung cancer prediction using neural network ensemble with histogram of oriented gradient genomic featuresAdetiba, Emmanuel ; Olugbara, Oludayo O.