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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2016Effect of Amaranth addition on the nutritional composition and consumer acceptability of extruded provitamin A-biofortified maize snacksBeswa, Daniso ; Dlamini, Nomusa Rhoda ; Siwela, Muthulisi ; Amonsou, Eric Oscar ; Kolansi, Unathi 
2015Effect of internal woven roller shade and glazing on the energy and daylighting performances of an office building in the cold climate of ShillongSingh, Ramkishore ; Lazarus, I. J. ; Kishore, V.V.N. 
14-Jun-2014Effect of temperature on density, sound velocity, refractive index and their derived properties for the binary systems (heptanoic acid + propanoic or butanoic acids)Bahadur, Indra ; Naidoo, Paramespri ; Singh, Sangeeta ; Ramjugernath, Deresh ; Deenadayalu, Nirmala 
15-Mar-2013The effect of thermal processing on fumonisin B1 (FB1) levels in maize-based foodsOdhav, Bharti ; Mohanlall, Viresh; Mohanlall, Rakesh
Dec-2015Energy and daylighting performances of highly glazed buildingsSingh, Ramkishore ; Lazarus, I. J. 
2016Enhanced production of N-acetyl-d-neuraminic acid by whole-cell bio-catalysis of Escherichia coliZhou, Junbo ; Chen, Xianzhong ; Lu, Liping ; Govender, Algasan ; Haiquan, Yang ; Shen, Wie 
2012Evaluation of enantioresolution of (±)-catechin using electrokinetic chromatography and molecular dockingSabela, Myalowenkosi Innocent ; Singh, Parvesh ; Gumede, Njabulo Joyfull ; Bisetty, Krishna ; Sagrado, Sagrado
14-Aug-2013An evaluation of the efficacy of using selected solvents for the extraction of lipids from algal biomass by the soxhlet extraction methodRamluckan, Krishan ; Bux, Faizal ; Moodley, Kandasamy G. 
2006Excess molar volumes and partial molar volumes for (propionitrile + an alkanol) at T = 298.15 K and p = 0.1 MPaDeenadayalu, Nirmala ; Bhujrajh, P.
Mar-2015Excess molar volumes of binary mixtures (an ionic liquid + water) : A reviewBahadur, Indra ; Singh, Sangeeta ; Redhi, Gan G. ; Venkatesu, Pannuru ; Letcher, Trevor M. 
2015Excess molar volumes of binary mixtures (an ionic liquid + water): A reviewBahadur, Indra ; Letcher, Trevor M. ; Singh, Sangeeta ; Redhi, Gan G. ; Venkatesu, Pannuru ; Ramjugernath, Deresh 
2016Experimental and theoretical study of molecular interactions between 2-vinyl pyridine and acidic pharmaceuticals used as multi-template molecules in molecularly imprinted polymerMadikizela, Lawrence Mzukisi ; Mdluli, Phumlani Selby ; Chimuka, Luke 
2014An exploration of the common content knowledge of high school mathematics teachersBansilal, Sarah; Brijlall, Deonarain ; Mkhwanazi, Thokozani 
2014Exploring support strategies for high school mathematics teachers from underachieving schoolsBrijlall, Deonarain ; Maharaj, A.
2015Exploring the Gurteen Knowledge Café approach as an innovative teaching for learning strategy with first-year engineering studentsBrijlall, Deonarain 
2015Exploring the stages of Polya’s problem-solving model during collaborative learning : a case of fractionsBrijlall, Deonarain 
2015Fabrication of copper nanoparticles decorated multiwalled carbon nanotubes as a high performance electrochemical sensor for the detection of neotameBathinapatla, Ayyappa ; Kanchi, Suvardhan ; Singh, Parvesh ; Sabela, Myalowenkosi Innocent ; Bisetty, Krishna 
20-Mar-2012Fine tuning the transcription of ldhA for D-lactate productionSingh, Suren 
19-Mar-2013Food borne bacteria isolated from spices and fate of Cronobacter sakazakii ATCC 29544 in black pepper exposed to drying and various temperature conditionsMadela, Nokwanda; Ijabadeniyi, Oluwatosin Ademola 
2014Functional and physical properties of instant beverage powder made from two different varieties of pearl milletOdhav, Bharti ; Obilana, Anthony Olusegun; Jideani, V. A.