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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Machinability study of hybrid nanoclay-glass fibre reinforced polyester compositesPrabhu, P.; Jawahar, P.; Balasubramanian, M.; Mohan, T. P. 
2013Markers of hydration status in a 3-day trail running eventSingh, Navin Runjit; Peters, Edith M.
2015Maximization of hydropower generation from Hazelmere Dam in South AfricaMashiyane, Thulasizwe Innocent ; Olofintoye, Oluwatosin Onaopemipo ; Adeyemo, Josiah 
2015Measuring infrastructure sustainability with the use of eco efficient performance criteriaSaroop, Shian Hemraj ; Allopi, Dhiren 
2013Melt blend studies of nanoclay-filled polypropylene (PP)–high- density polyethylene (HDPE) compositesMohan, T. P. ; Kanny, Krishnan 
15-Apr-2013Membrane fouling characterization in membrane-based septic tankAli, Saadat; Pillay, Visvanathan Lingamurti ; Khan, Sher Jamal; Visvanathan, C.
2000A method for optimally designing laminated plates subject to fatigue loads for minimum weight using a cumulative damage constraintWalker, Mark 
2005A methodology for optimally designing fibre-reinforced laminated structures with design variable tolerances for maximum buckling strengthWalker, Mark ; Hamilton, Ryan Jason
2003A methodology to design fibre reinforced laminated composite structures for maximum strengthWalker, Mark ; Smith, Ryan E.
2016Microstructural properties of lime stabilized naturally occurring acidic soilBhengu, P.H. ; Allopi, Dhiren 
29-Jan-2013Minimum weight design of beams against failure under uncertain loading by convex analysisRadebe, Isaac Sfiso; Adali, Sarp 
1997Minimum weight design of composite hybrid shells via symbolic computationWalker, Mark ; Reiss, Talmon; Adali, Sarp 
2016Modeling and control of voltage source converters for grid integration of a wind turbine systemHamatwi, E. ; Davidson, I. E. ; Gitau, M. N.; Adam, G. P. 
2014Modified coconut fiber used as adsorbent for the removal of 2-chlorophenol and 2, 4, 6-trichlorophenol from aqueous solutionOjha, Priyanka ; Rathilal, Sudesh ; Singh, Kunwar 
2014Monthly stream flow prediction with limited hydro-climatic variables in the upper Mkomazi River, South Africa using genetic programmingOyebode, Oluwaseun Kunle ; Adeyemo, Josiah ; Otieno, Fredrick Alfred O. 
2001Multi-dimensional design optimisation of laminated structures using an improved genetic algorithmTabakov, Pavel Y. 
2001Multiobjective design of laminated plates for maximum stability using the finite element methodWalker, Mark 
1998Multiobjective optimisation of laminated I-beams for maximum crippling, buckling and postbuckling strengthWalker, Mark 
1996Multiobjective optimization of laminated plates for maximum prebuckling, buckling and postbuckling strength using continuous and discrete ply anglesAdali, Sarp ; Walker, Mark ; Verijenko, Viktor E.
Sep-2015The need for expansion of the Durban Container TerminalNaicker, Rowen ; Allopi, Dhiren