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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007A technique for optimally designing engineering structures with manufacturing tolerances accounted forTabakov, Pavel Y. ; Walker, Mark 
2006A technique for optimally designing fibre-reinforced laminated plates under in-plane loads for minimum weight with manufacturing uncertainties accounted forWalker, Mark ; Hamilton, Ryan Jason
2005A technique for optimally designing fibre-reinforced laminated plates with manufacturing uncertainties for maximum buckling strengthWalker, Mark ; Hamilton, Ryan Jason
2010A technique for stiffness improvement by optimization of fiber steering in composite platesTabakov, Pavel Y. ; Walker, Mark 
2003A technique for the multiobjective optimisation of laminated composite structures using genetic algorithms and finite element analysisWalker, Mark ; Smith, Ryan E.
Apr-2012Towards greener infrastructureSaroop, Shian Hemraj ; Allopi, Dhiren 
2017Treatment of industrial mineral oil wastewater – effects of coagulant type and dosageTetteh, E. Kweinor; Rathilal, Sudesh ; Robinson, K. 
2016The use of eco efficient criteria in the design of infrastructure projectsSaroop, Shian Hemraj ; Allopi, Dhiren 
Dec-2014Using computational intelligenceSingh, Navin Runjit; Peters-Futre, Edith M.
2012Utilization of ionic liquids for the separation of organic liquids from industrial effluentsMabaso, Mbongeni Hezekia; Redhi, Gan G. ; Moodley, Kandasamy 
2016Vernacular or not? Preliminary thoughts in developing a methodology to understand the imijondoloWhelan, Debbie 
2014A very ordinary power : The evolution of the electrical substation in Pietermaritzburg, 1900-1960Whelan, Debbie 
8-Oct-2015Vibration of a cantillever beam with extended tip mass and axial load subject to piezoeletric controlMoutlana, M. K. ; Adali, Sarp 
Apr-2014Visual assessments of current pavement conditions in the stack areas of Berth 203-205 at the Durban Container Terminal-Pier 2Allopi, Dhiren ; Naicker, Rowen 
2016What has been done and still needs to be done to skill South Africans to deliver infrastructure projectsChetty, Maggie ; Bird, Adrienne ; Lawless, Allyson