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1996Multiobjective optimization of laminated plates for maximum prebuckling, buckling and postbuckling strength using continuous and discrete ply anglesAdali, Sarp ; Walker, Mark ; Verijenko, Viktor E.
1996Optimal design of symmetric angle-ply laminates subject to nonuniform buckling loads and in-plane restraintsWalker, Mark ; Adali, Sarp ; Verijenko, Viktor E.
1997Optimal design of symmetrically laminated plates for maximum buckling temperatureWalker, Mark ; Reiss, Talmon; Adali, Sarp ; Verijenko, Viktor E.
1996Optimization of symmetric laminates for maximum buckling load including the effects of bending-twisting couplingWalker, Mark ; Adali, Sarp ; Verijenko, Viktor E.
1999Refined theory of laminated anisotropic shells for the solution of thermal stress problemsVerijenko, Viktor E.; Tauchert, T. R.; Shaikh, C.; Tabakov, Pavel Y. 
2001Stress distribution in continuously heterogeneous thick laminated pressure vesselsVerijenko, Viktor E.; Adali, Sarp ; Tabakov, Pavel Y.