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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2014Balance and stability-focused exercise program improves stability and balance in patients after acute stroke in a resource-poor settingPuckree, Threethambal ; Naidoo, Pooveshni 
Dec-2015Biomedical applications and toxicity of nanosilver : a reviewNaidu, K. S. B. ; Govender, Patrick; Adam, Jamila Khatoon 
2015Calories and steps! How many days of walking/hiking in the Himalayas does ONE Christmas lunch translate to?Pillay, Julian David ; Brown, W. 
Sep-2013Carbon utilization profile of a thermophilic fungus, Thermomyces lanuginosus using phenotypic microarrayMchunu, Nokuthula Peace; Permaul, Kugen ; Alam, Maqsudul; Singh, Suren 
Nov-2014Cervical cancer screening among University students in South Africa : a theory based studyHoque, Muhammad Ehsanu ; Ghuman, Shanaz ; Coopoosmay, Roger; Hal, Guido Van
Jun-2014Challenges of Directly Observed Treatment Strategy implementation in eThekwini Municipality, South AfricaRajagopaul, Althea; Reddy, Poovendhree ; Kistnasamy, Emilie Joy 
Jun-2013The characteristics and outcomes of patients undergoing percutaneous balloon pulmonary valvuloplasty in the paediatric populationAdam, Jamila Khatoon ; Govender, S.; Hoosen, E. G. M.; Amod, A.; Rmaih, Wafaa
2015Chemoprevention of Azoxymethane-induced Colonic Carcinogenesis in Balb/c mice using a modified Pectin Alginate ProbioticOdun-Ayo, Frederick ; Naicker, Thajasvarie ; Reddy, Lalini ; Mellem, John Jason 
Jul-2014Community engagement: where reality meets the roadKistnasamy, Emilie Joy 
24-Jul-2013Comparative assessment of absolute cardiovascular disease risk characterization from non-laboratory- based risk assessment in South African populationsGaziano, Thomas A.; Pandya, Ankur; Steyn, Krisela; Levitt, Naomi; Mollentze, Willie; Joubert, Gina; Walsh, Corinna M; Motala, Ayesha A.; Kruger, Annamarie; Schutte, Aletta E.; Naidoo, Datshana P. ; Prakaschandra, Dorcas Rosaley; Laubscher, Ria
2014Complementary therapy in atopic eczema: the latest systematic reviewsThandar, Yasmeen; Botha, Julia; Mosam, Anisa
Mar-2013Correlation between glutathione S-transferase Mu 1 (GSTM1) and glutathione S-transferase pi gene (GSTP1) polymorphisms and markers of inflammatory stress in pregnant femalesReddy, Poovendhree ; Naidoo, Rajen N. ; Chuturgoon, Anil A. ; Asharam, Kareshma ; Naidoo, Dhaneshree; Phulukdaree, Alisa; Gounden, Shivona
2015Customer satisfaction within pharmacies in a supermarket: a South African perspectivePenceliah, Darry S. ; Adat, Nafisa ; Noel, Dion Trevor 
2007Dental composite materials: highlighting the problem of wear for posterior restorationsLe Roux, Andre Rayne; Lachman, Nirusha
2015A desktop evaluation of the potential impact of nanotechnology applications in the field of environmental health in a developing countryNaidoo, Levani ; Kistnasamy, Emilie Joy 
Oct-2015Developing an Epistemic Game: A Preliminary Examination of the Muscle Mania¬© Mobile GameVahed, Anisa ; Singh, Shalini 
Jul-2013Diagnostic value of signal-averaged electrocardiogram in arrythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy patientsAdam, Waseem S.; Adam, Jamila Khatoon ; Hendricks, Neil
18-Sep-2012Directed evolution: tailoring biocatalysts for industrial applicationsKumar, Ashwani ; Singh, Suren 
9-Sep-2014Directly-Observed Treatment Strategy implementation practices in a hospital in eThekwini health districtMiya, Respect M. 
9-Sep-2014Directly-observed treatment strategy implementation practices in a hospital in eThekwini health districtMiya, Respect M.