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  • Draft genome sequence of the rubber tree Hevea brasiliensis 

    Rahman, Ahmad Yamin; Usharraj, A. O.; Misra, B. B.; Thottathil, G. P.; Jayasekaran, K.; Feng, Y.; Hou, S.; Ong, S. Y.; Ng, F. L.; Lee, L. S.; Tan, H. S.; Sakaff, M. K. L. M.; Teh, B. S.; Khoo, B. F.; Badai, Siti Suriawati; Aziz, Nurohaida Ab; Yuryev, A.; Knudsen, B.; Dionne-Laporte, A.; Yu, Q.; Langston, B. J.; Freitas, A. K.; Young, A. G.; Chen, Rui; Wang, L.; Najimudin, N.; Saito, Jennifer A.; Alam, Maqsudul; Mchunu, Nokuthula Peace (BioMed Central, 2013)
    Background Hevea brasiliensis, a member of the Euphorbiaceae family, is the major commercial source of natural rubber (NR). NR is a latex polymer with high elasticity, flexibility, and resilience that has played a ...