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  • The antimosquito properties of extracts from flowering plants in South Africa 

    Chalannavar, Raju K.; Hurinanthan, Vashka; Singh, Alveera; Venugopala, Katharigatta Narayanaswamy; Gleiser, Raquel M.; Baijnath, Himansu; Odhav, Bharti (NCBI, 2013)
    Extracts of selected flowering plants, which are considered eco-friendly, are used for the treatment of numerous ailments and vector control worldwide. This has resulted in approximately 25 per cent of currently used drugs ...
  • Bioactivity of famine food plants from the family: Amaranthaceae 

    Singh, Alveera (2009)
    Information regarding the nutritional value of wild food plants in Africa and current information varies from source to source. Prior to commercialization of wild foods the nutritional, ethnobotanical, medical, chemical, ...