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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Detection methods of organic acid in steam/water circuits and optimisation using HPLC-UVRamrung, Arthi
2016Determination of capsaicin using carbon nanotube based electrochemical biosensorsMpanza, Thabani Eugene 
2008Determination of the heterotrophic and autotrophic active biomass during activated sludge respirometric batch assays using molecular techniquesIsmail, Arshad
2016Determination of the relationship between epiphytes and selected filamentous bacteria in activated sludgeConco, Thobela 
30-Jul-2013Determining the contribution of lunchbox content to the dietary intake of girls (13-18 years old) in a high school in LindelaniHlambelo, Nomakhosazana
Aug-2017Determining the efficiency of the anammox process for the treatment of high- ammonia influent wastewaterGokal, Jashan 
2001Development and assessment of a membrane bioreactor for wastewater treatmentOsifo, Peter Ogbemudia
2003Development and microbial community analysis of a biological treatment process for edible oil effluentBux, Faizal 
2014Development and optimization of remedial measures to control filamentous bacteria in a full-scale biological nutrient removal plantDeepnarain, Nashia 
2015Development and optimization of technology for the extraction and conversion of micro algal lipids to biodieselRamluckan, Krishan 
2017Development of a community engagement capacity building programme within a social justice framework for Consumer Science Food and Nutrition students at the Durban University of TechnologyGrobbelaar, Hendrina Helena 
2003Development of a method to fix a Boron-based preservative into timberGovender, Kesunathan
2001Development of a protocol for the micropropagation of mature Eucalyptus grandis clones through somatic embryogenesisTsewana, Andiswa
2003Development of a recognition of prior learning assessment model for the hospitality industry to be used by tertiary education institutionsDixon, Sharmaine
2010Development of a starter culture for the production of Gari, a traditional African fermented foodEdward, Vinodh Aroon
2015Development of electrophoretic and biosensor methods applied to high intensity sweetenersBathinapatla, Ayyappa 
15-Jan-2015Development of methods for the separation and characterization of natural organic matter in dam water.Sobantu, Pinkie
2011Development of nutrition education material for caregivers of immune compromised children in children's homes in the Durban areaGrobbelaar, Hendrina Helena
1994Development of objectives for an educational programme to improve consumer knowledge of and attitudes towards nutritional information on food labelsAnderson, Diana Jane