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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Effect of bacteriophage control and artificial neural networks prediction in the inactivation of Listeria monocytogenes on fresh produceOladunjoye, Adebola Olubukola 
7-Aug-2014The effect of seasonal food variety and dietary diversity on the nutritional status of a rural community in KZNNsele, Nelisiwe
2015Elemental determination of lubricating grease using ICP-OESMarume, Cathrine
2001Elucidation of microbiological-biochemical relationships in denitrification occurring during activated sludge treatmentDrysdale, Gavin David
2006Elucidation of the microbial community structure within a laboratory scale activated sludge process using molecular techniquesPadayachee, Pamela
2010Enhanced production of inulinase from Xanthomonas campestris pv. phaseoliNaidoo, Kameshnee 
1999An environmental study to examine the distribution of selected airborne metals in the greater Chatsworth areaGovender, Suendharan 
2007The essential oil from Cymbopogon validusNaidoo, Nelisha
1997Evaluation of anaerobic sludges as metal biosorbents and development of a biotechnological process for metal ion removal from selected wastewaterBux, Faizal 
2007Evaluation of bacteriological techniques, sensory evaluation, gas chromatography, and electronic nose technology for the early detection of Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestris in fruit juicesHarrichandparsad, Zeenat
2016Evaluation of biohydrogen production potential of sugarcane bagasse using activated sludge in a dark fermentation processReddy, Karen 
2004The evaluation of liquid hydrocarbon contamination of soil around petrochemical tank farms at a Durban refineryRamluckan, Krishan 
2016Evaluation of nutrition information embedded in the grade 8 to 12 KwaZulu-Natal school curriculumNaidoo, Thilavathy 
2016Evaluation of seasonal impacts on nitrifiers and nitrification performance of a full-scale activated sludge systemAwolusi, Oluyemi Olatunji 
2002Evaluation of the bleach-enhancing effects of xylanases on bagasse-soda pupilBissoon, Sadhvir 
2007Evaluation of traditional South African leafy plants for their safety in human consumptionMudzwiri, Mashudu
2010Excess molar volume and isentropic compressibility for binary or ternary ionic liquid systemsBahadur, Indra 
2009Excess molar volumes, partial molar volumes and isentropic compressibilities of binary systems (ionic liquid + alkanol)Sibiya, Precious N.
2015Experimental and computational studies of a fungal chitinaseKhan, Faez Iqbal 
2017Experimental and computational studies on sensing of DNA damage in Alzheimer's diseaseMurti, Bayu Tri