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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Fabrication of graphene based aptasensors for early detection of prostate cancer by experimental and computational techniquesPutri, Athika Darumas 
2016Food hygiene and safety practices of food vendors at a University of Technology in DurbanKhuluse, Dawn Sihle 
2016Food insecurity and nutritional status relating to chronic disease of elderly caregivers within the rural households of Mpharane in LesothoMothepu, Lisebo 
1992A food qualification at Technikon Natal : influential factors : an attitudinal survey of standard nine pupils' perception of the status of studying at Technikon Natal for a diploma in the food fieldJames, Irene Hildegarde
2014Food security and coping strategies of a rural community within the Valley of a Thousand HillsFelt, Leigh 
2016Food security and coping strategies of an urban community in DurbanMtolo, Andile 
2005Functional characterisation of heterotrophic denitrifying bacteria in wastewater treatment systemsRamdhani, Nishani
2003Genetic diversity and detection of Kunitz protein in local soybean varietiesPadayachee, Prevashinee 
2012Genetic transformation of Ceratotheca triloba for the production of anthraquinones from hairy root culturesNaicker, Leeann 
2008Harmonization of internal quality tasks in analytical laboratories case studies : water analysis methods using polarographic and voltammetric techniquesGumede, Njabulo Joyfull 
2016Health indicators and nutritional profile of staff at a training institution as a foundation for the development of nutrition wellness education materialVardan, Siveshnee 
1999Identification of polyphosphate accumulating bacteria from pilot- and full scale nutrient removal activated sludgesAtkinson, Blaise William
2017Identification, characterization and application of a natural food colourant from Hibiscus sabdariffaSipahli, Shivon 
2009Immune modulatory effect of Dichrostachys cinerea, Carpobrotus dimidiatus, Capparis tomentosa and Leonotis leonurusHurinanthan, Vashka
2012Immunomodulatory activities of non-commercialized leafy vegetables in KwaZulu-Natal, South AfricaPadayachee, Berushka
2015Impact of a nutrition education programme on the nutrition knowledge of grade R learners in DurbanVermeer, Susan Inge
2007Improvement of thermostability of a fungal xylanase using error-prone polymerase chain reaction (EpPCR)Pillay, Sarveshni 
2015In vitro photodynamic effect of gallium, indium and iron phthalocyanine chloride on different cancer cell linesMaduray, Kaminee
2010In vitro toxicity testing of phthalocyanines on different cell lines using a continuous laser sourceMaduray, Kaminee
2015Inactivation of Listeria monocytogenes ATCC 7644 on tomatoes using sodium dodecyl sulphate, levulinic acid and sodium hypochlorite solutionMnyandu, Elizabeth