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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Harmonization of internal quality tasks in analytical laboratories case studies : water analysis methods using polarographic and voltammetric techniquesGumede, Njabulo Joyfull 
2016Health indicators and nutritional profile of staff at a training institution as a foundation for the development of nutrition wellness education materialVardan, Siveshnee 
1999Identification of polyphosphate accumulating bacteria from pilot- and full scale nutrient removal activated sludgesAtkinson, Blaise William
2017Identification, characterization and application of a natural food colourant from Hibiscus sabdariffaSipahli, Shivon 
2009Immune modulatory effect of Dichrostachys cinerea, Carpobrotus dimidiatus, Capparis tomentosa and Leonotis leonurusHurinanthan, Vashka
2012Immunomodulatory activities of non-commercialized leafy vegetables in KwaZulu-Natal, South AfricaPadayachee, Berushka
2015Impact of a nutrition education programme on the nutrition knowledge of grade R learners in DurbanVermeer, Susan Inge
2007Improvement of thermostability of a fungal xylanase using error-prone polymerase chain reaction (EpPCR)Pillay, Sarveshni 
2015In vitro photodynamic effect of gallium, indium and iron phthalocyanine chloride on different cancer cell linesMaduray, Kaminee
2010In vitro toxicity testing of phthalocyanines on different cell lines using a continuous laser sourceMaduray, Kaminee
2015Inactivation of Listeria monocytogenes ATCC 7644 on tomatoes using sodium dodecyl sulphate, levulinic acid and sodium hypochlorite solutionMnyandu, Elizabeth
2002Incidence and characterization of Fusarium species in crown rot of bananasRamsunder, Kumindra Devrajh 
2017Influence of growth locations on physicochemical properties of starch and flour from amadumbe (Colocasia esculenta) genotypesMawoyo, Bruce 
2016Inhibition of Colon Cancer in Mice by Microencapsulated ProbioticOdun-Ayo, Frederick Oluwasheyi 
2015Interaction studies of chiral non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs with HSA protein using capillary electrophoresis frontal analysis and electrokinetic chromatographyKhulu, Sinegugu
2001Invertase production by Saccharomyces cerevisiae Y07 and Y09 strains grown on sugarcane blackstrap molassesMaharaj, Anesh Dawnarian 
2007An investigation of the antioxidant properties of some culinary herbs and their potential application in a cosmetic preparationNaidoo, Nareshini
17-Aug-2012Investigations of the bioprocess parameters for the production of hemicellulases by Thermomyces lanuginosus strainsPillai, Santhosh Kumar Kuttan
2000The isolation and characterization of phytoalexin and constitutive agents from plants for mycotoxin controlMohanlall, Viresh
2016Isolation and characterization of prebiotic oligosaccharides from algal extracts and their effect on gut microfloraHadebe, Nontando