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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Optimisation of edible oil effluent degredation by microorganismsSurujlal, Swastika 
2003Optimisation of food to microorganism ratios during activated sludge respirometric batch assaysIsmail, Arshad Abdool Hak 
2010Optimisation of HPLC-based methods for the separation and detection of herbicide glyphosate and its major metabolite in waterMadikizela, Lawrence Mzukisi 
8-Aug-2014Optimization of culture conditions and extraction method for phycocyanin production from a hypersaline cyanobacteriumMogany, Trisha
2010Optimization of riboflavin production by fungi on edible oil effluentSwalaha, Feroz Mahomed 
2009Overexpression and partial characterization of a modified fungal xylanase in Escherichia coliWakelin, Kyle
2004Partial characterization of toxigenic FusariumGovender, Leroosha 
2016Pharmacological Screening of Substituted 1, 4 DihydropyrimidinesGovender, Reshme 
2016Pharmacological screening of synthetic piperidine derivativesNaicker, Leeantha 
20-Aug-2012Phase equilibrium studies of sulfolane mixtures containing carboxylic acidsSithole, Nompumelelo Pretty
2012Phase equilibrium studies of sulfolane mixtures containing carboxylic acidsSithole, Nompumelelo Pretty
2004Physiological and biochemical evaluation of pure cultures of problematic filamentous bacteria isolated from activated sludgeRamothokang, Tshireletso R.
2008Phytoremediation of heavy metals using Amaranthus dubiusMellem, John Jason 
2002Plant germplasm conservation :|bdevelopment of field collection and transport techniques for eucalyptus species and trichilia dregeanaMakhathini, Aneliswa Phumzile
2000The potential of spice oils in the control of mycotoxin producing fungiJuglal, Sarla
2016Preparation, isolation and characterization of nanocellulose from sugarcane bagasseMashego, Ditiro Victor 
2015Processing of dissolving pulp in ionic liquidsTywabi, Zikhona 
2007Production of enzymes for application on animal feedsGodana, Busiswa
2016Production of levulinic acid from sugarcane bagasseMthembu, Lethiwe Debra 
2016Production, characterisation and applications of a thermo-acid-stable phytase from Enterobacter sp. ACSSChanderman, Ashira