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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004The management of HIV/AIDS in secondary public schools in South Africa :|ban overview of policyNair, Eugene John Gilbert 
5-Dec-2013The management of inclusive education in the four selected junior primary schools in the Empangeni district, KwaZulu-NatalMajola, Happy Maureen
8-May-2013My journey of awareness : a study in memory, identity and creative developmentPretorius, Anna M.
2014A narrative self-study : how do I demonstrate my multi-cultural origins in my art of fashion?Madubela, Thandiwe Elsie 
1999Notions of community in South African television advertising : a study in communication and the pursuit of community in South Africa as revealed through interviews about selected television advertisingAndrew, Richard Charles
2017NSFW contextual influences on perception : representations of the nude in public and private spacesKnudsen, Dane 
Nov-2014Performativity in art as reconstructions of the self in addressing conditions of depressionVan Wyk, Vicki Alexandra Ross 
5-Dec-2013Political super branding through the use of social media technology : the Barack Obama presidential campaign in 2008Pillay, Nadas Ramachandra
2016A practise-based action research self-study : "how do I improve my practice as a bridal-gown designer in a highly-competitive market?"Walters, Casey Jeannne 
2001The problem of communication between educators, learners and parents in multicultural secondary schools in the Durban-south region of Kwazulu-Natal : some management solutionsBobbychun, Rajan.
2004The promotion of post level one educators to secondary school principalships in the Durban South region : problems and solutionsMoodley, Vinita 
2016The provision of interpreting services in isiZulu and South African Sign Language in selected courts in KwaZulu-NatalMnyandu, Nontobeko Lynette 
2004Public relations training for secondary school principals : recommendations for selected secondary schools in PhoenixHariparsad, Ajith 
2017Re- an exploration of transience in the work of selected artistsNixon, Karla 
2007A realist approach to writing: developing a theoretical model of written composition to inform a computer mediated learning applicationPratt, Deirdre Denise
2006The reconstitution of African women's spiritualities in the context of the Amazwi Abesifazane (Voices of Women) project in KwaZulu-Natal (1998-2005)Stott, Bernice
2003The relationship and interpretation of clothing behaviour and identity of African South African women in the corporate world in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa)Modiba, Maite
10-Sep-2012The relationship between script and image with specific reference to the work of Celeste van der Merwe, Willem Boshoff and Barbara KrugerVan der Merwe, Celeste
2004The relevance of Sathya Sai Baba's philosophy to the educational leadership of secondary school principals in the central Stanger areaKommal, Teddy
2013The role of education in land restitution, redistribution and restrictions as individual, group and national empowerment through land reformYeni, Clementine Sibongile