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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Sep-2012Teachers' understanding and implementation of the design process as it relates to teaching Technology Education in the intermediate and senior phases (Grades 4-9) in the General Education and Training Band in KwaZulu-NatalDe Jager, Maria Louisa Elizabeth
17-Oct-2013Telling tales : pictograms as a visual voiceScott, Lee 
2004Terra firma : contemporary representations of the South African landscapeDe Menezes, Clinton
25-Aug-2015Through the Google lens : development of lecturing practice in photographyDu Plessis, Liza Kim 
16-Oct-2013Towards the biochemical nature of learning and its implication for learning, teaching and assessment : a study through literature and experiences of learners and educatorsTimm, Delysia Norelle
2014Towards the development of an oral selection procedure for acceptance into the fashion programme at the Durban University of TechnologyReddy, Vasantha 
2015Truth and entertainment : historical film as a representation of the past in the works of selected filmmakersHeath, Alistair 
1999The use of abstraction by Bill Ainslie and David KoloaneAnderson, Vanessa 
21-Aug-2012The use of adapted teaching strategies in literacy by grade three educators in the northern KwaZulu-Natal regionLoopoo, Veena
4-Dec-2013The use of ceramics as an aesthetic element in Durban architecture (1914-2012)Padaruth, Raksha
2004The use of clay as a medium in contemporary sculpture (1980- 2003)Da Cruz, Carla
2004Women in top academic management in technikons : a feminist narrative interpretationTurnbull-Jackson, Carol Jeannette Anne