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  • ANN’s vs. SVM’s for image classification 

    Moorgas, Kevin Emanuel; Pillay, Nelendran; Governder, Poobalan (International ASET, 2012-08)
    In this paper the dynamic performance of the artificial neural network is compared to the performance of a statistical method such as the support vector machine. This comparison is made with respect to an image classification ...
  • Hybrid motion detection system using DSP and ANN ensembles 

    Moorgas, Kevin Emanuel; Govender, Poobalan (IMECS, 2013-03)
    Hybrid systems are used in engineering systems and scientific applications to enhance and to improve their efficiency. This paper presents a hybrid system using digital signal processing (DSP) systems and artificial neural ...
  • Object motion detection, extraction and filtering using ANN ensembles 

    Moorgas, Kevin Emanuel (2009)
    This research is devoted to the development of an intelligent image motion detection system based on artificial neural networks (ANN’s). Object motion detection, non-stationary image isolation and extraction, and image ...