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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Sep-2020An overview of the B-BBEE Act and its impact on black entrepreneurs in South AfricaMbandlwa, Zamokuhle; Anwana, Emem O.
6-Sep-2020The impact of public economics to public debt : a case of Southern African development countries (SADC)Mbandlwa, Zamokuhle
30-Aug-2020A bursts contention avoidance scheme based on streamline effect awareness and limited intermediate node buffering in the core networkNleya, Bakhe; Chidzonga, Richard F. 
23-Aug-2020The impact of the South African apartheid government history to democratic South Africa : the case of eThekwini Metropolitan MunicipalityMbandlwa, Zamokuhle
6-Aug-2020The influence of participative leadership on agricultural extension officers’ engagementUsadolo, Sam Erevbenagie 
Aug-2020Review of modern solar power satellite and space rectenna systemsDakora, Jonas Don-yelee ; Davidson, Innocent E.; Sharma, Gulshan 
Aug-2020Voltage stability enhancement studies for distribution network with installation of FACTSMasikana, Sboniso B. ; Sharma, Gulshan ; Akindeji, Kayode ; Davidson, Innocent E.
Aug-2020Curbing electricity theft using wireless technique with communication constraintsTshikomba, Salome C. ; Estrice, Milton ; Ojo, Evans ; Davidson, Innocent E.
Aug-2020Quality of transmsision aware routing and wavelength assignment algorithm for blocking minimization in translucent optical networksKhumalo, Philani; Nleya, Bakhe; Mutsvangwa, Andrew ; Chidzonga, Richard
Aug-2020Investigation and mitigation of temporary overvoltage caused by de-energization on an offshore wind farmAkinrinde, Ajibola ; Swanson, Andrew ; Davidson, Innocent
Aug-2020Availability and operability in optical transport network architecturesGomba, Masimba; Nleya, Bakhe; Chidzonga, Richard F.
Aug-2020Perspectives on impact of high penetration of renewable sources on LV networksChidzonga, Richard F. ; Nleya, Bakhe
Aug-2020Evaluation of wavelength congestion in transparent optical transport networksGomba, Ndadzibaya Masimba ; Nleya, Bakhe ; Mutsvangwa, Andrew ; Chidzonga, Richard F. 
30-Jul-2020Game framework analysis and cognitive learning theory providing a theoretical foundation for efficacy in learning in educational gamingDavis, Jason Stratton 
28-Jul-2020An exploration of the relationship between retirement age and youth unemployment in South AfricaMbandlwa, Zamokuhle; Shezi, Lindelani 
28-Jul-2020Ethnicity as the cause of political instability in South AfricaMbandlwa, Zamokuhle; Shezi, Lindelani 
21-Jul-2020Investigating health care providers’ attitudes towards victims of sexual violence and abuse in a university in south west NigeriaAdedokun, Theophilus Adedayo 
20-Jul-2020The impact of substance abuse in South Africa : a case of informal settlement communitiesMbandlwa, Zamokuhle; Dorasamy, Nirmala
16-Jul-2020Leadership challenges in the South African local government systemMbandlwa, Zamokuhle; Nirmala, Dorasamy ; Fagbadebo, Omololu 
5-Jul-2020A controlled deflection routing and wavelength assignment based scheme in Optical Burst Switched (OBS) networksNleya, Bakhe; Khumalo, Zephaniah Philani; Mutsvangwa, Andrew