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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Dec-2019Anaerobic treatment of slaugterhouse wastewater: evaluating operating conditionsChollom, Martha Noro; Rathilal, Sudesh; Swalaha, Feroz M. ; Bakare, Babatunde F. ; Tetteh, Emmanuel K. 
21-Dec-2019An authentic e-assessment taskMarimuthu, Ferina ; Ramraj, Upaasna 
Aug-2020Availability and operability in optical transport network architecturesGomba, Masimba; Nleya, Bakhe; Chidzonga, Richard F.
Aug-2020Curbing electricity theft using wireless technique with communication constraintsTshikomba, Salome C. ; Estrice, Milton ; Ojo, Evans ; Davidson, Innocent E.
Nov-2017Effectiveness of dynamic voltage restorer in enhancing voltage profile in low voltage electric power distribution networks under normal mode operationTaiwo, Ogunboyo Patrick ; Tiako, Remy ; Davidson, Innocent E.
30-Apr-2020Energy demand and trading optimization in isolated microgridsChidzonga, Richard ; Gomba, Masimba ; Nleya, Bakhe
1-Sep-2019Energy-aware lightpath routing algorithm for optical transport networksGomba, Ndadzibaya Masimba; Nleya, Bakhe; Dewa, Mendon; Mutsvangwa, Andrew ; Khumalo, Zephaniah Philani 
Aug-2020Evaluation of wavelength congestion in transparent optical transport networksGomba, Ndadzibaya Masimba ; Nleya, Bakhe ; Mutsvangwa, Andrew ; Chidzonga, Richard F. 
3-Oct-2019GAF : from a conceptual framework to a Model of Learning in Educational GamingDavis, Jason Stratton 
21-Dec-2019The impact of technology in expediting learningRamraj, Upaasna ; Marimuthu, Ferina 
1-Sep-2019Intermediate node buffering-based contention minimization schemeKhumalo, Philani; Nleya, Bakhe; Mutsvangwa, Andrew 
Nov-2017Investigation of voltage unbalance in low voltage electric power distribution network under steady state modeTaiwo, Ogunboyo Patrick ; Tiako, Remy ; Davidson, Innocent E.
Mar-2020Modeling and assessment of the fault ride-through capabilities of grid supporting inverter-based microgridsBuraimoh, Elutunji ; Davidson, Innocent E.
27-Sep-2020Overview of fault ride-through requirements for photovoltaic grid integration, design and grid code complianceBuraimoh, Elutunji; Davidson, Innocent E.
2019Performance of horizontal roughing filter using principal component regression and multiple linear regression treating informal settlement greywaterMtsweni, S.; Bakare, B. F.; Rathilal, S.
Aug-2020Perspectives on impact of high penetration of renewable sources on LV networksChidzonga, Richard F. ; Nleya, Bakhe
30-Apr-2020A privacy and security preservation framework for D2D communication based smart grid servicesBopape, Lebogang P. ; Nleya, Bakhe; Khumalo, P. 
Nov-2000PWM-VSI inverter-assisted stand-alone dual stator winding induction generatorOjo, Olorunfemi ; Davidson, Innocent Ewean 
Aug-2020Quality of transmsision aware routing and wavelength assignment algorithm for blocking minimization in translucent optical networksKhumalo, Philani; Nleya, Bakhe; Mutsvangwa, Andrew ; Chidzonga, Richard
Mar-2019Response surface optimization of oil refinery wastewater treatment processRathilal, Sudesh; Tetteh, Emmanuel Kweinor