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dc.contributor.authorTabakov, Pavel Y.
dc.contributor.authorSummers, E. B.
dc.descriptionOriginally pulished in: Computers & Structures, Vol. 84, No. 5-6, 2009.en_US
dc.description.abstractExact elasticity solutions are obtained using the stress function approach, where the radial, circumferential and shear stresses are determined, taking into account the closed ends of the cylindrical shell. The system of the governing algebraic equations is derived to accurately analyse a multilayered pressure vessel with an arbitrary number of layers and any thickness. The approach used is straight-forward compared to other three-dimensional solutions found in the literature. The design of multilayered composite pressure vessels is accomplished using the genetic algorithm and subject to the Tsai–Wu failure criterion. The genetic algorithm is optimized to serve this particular problemen_US
dc.format.extentpp. 374-384 (11 p.)en_US
dc.subjectPressure vesselen_US
dc.subjectExact solutionen_US
dc.subjectGenetic algorithmsen_US
dc.titleLay-up optimization of multilayered anisotropic cylinders based on a 3-D elasticity solutionen_US

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