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Title: Design and evaluation of alumina/feldspar resin infiltrated dental composite materials
Authors: Le Roux, Andre Rayne
Keywords: Composite materials;Dental bonding;Dental materials
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: Introduction: Incorporating a feldspar chemical bond between alumina filler particles is expected to increase the wear resistant and flexural strength properties, while reducing flexibility of dental composites. Aims and Objectives: An investigation was carried out to evaluate the influence of the feldspar chemical bonding between alumina filler particles on wear, flexural strength and flexibility of experimental alumina/feldspar dental composites. It was hypothesized that wear resistance and flexural strength would be significantly increased with increased feldspar mass, while flexibility was expected to decrease. Methods: Alumina was chemically sintered and bonded with 30%, 40%, 50% and 60% feldspar mass, silanized and infiltrated with UDMA resin to prepare the dental restorative composite material specimens. Results and conclusions: Significantly higher wear resistant characteristics resulted with increased feldspar mass (p<0.5). Improvements in flexural strength characteristics as the feldspar mass was increased was not statistically different (p>0.5). Flexibility characteristics as the feldspar mass was increased was not statistically different (p>0.5). The alumina/feldspar specimens showed lower flexibility (mm displacement) than SR ADORO (p<0.05). Feldspar chemical bonding between the alumina particles may improve on the wear resistance and Flexibility of alumina/feldspar composites when compared to SR ADORO. This study evaluated the influence of a chemical feldspar bond between alumina filler particles.
Description: Submitted in fulfilment of the degree of Doctor of Dental Material Science in the Department of Dental Services, Faculty of Health Sciences, Durban University of Technology, Durban, South Africa, 2008.
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