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Title: Societal factors impacting young Black men in South Africa
Authors: Ntsanwisi, Samuel 
Keywords: Challenges;Young black men;Unemployment;Societal factors;Cultural transformation
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Emerald
Source: Ntsanwisi, S. 2023. Societal factors impacting young Black men in South Africa. Journal of Humanities and Applied Social Sciences. doi:10.1108/jhass-08-2023-0093
Journal: Journal of Humanities and Applied Social Sciences 
Purpose: This study employs the social ecology model to comprehensively explore the complex challenges young Black men face in South Africa and aims to highlight the importance of collaboration in addressing these multifaceted issues.Design/methodology/approachA multidisciplinary approach combines insights from sociology, education and the health literature with regard to government reports and academic data, and provides a holistic analysis of challenges faced by young Black men. Furthermore, it emphasises formal and informal learning, social and environmental influences and health disparities.FindingsYoung Black men in South Africa encounter complex challenges throughout their developmental journey, including limited family support, educational barriers, financial constraints, societal expectations and health disparities. Therefore, collaboration among stakeholders is essential for creating an equitable and inclusive environment that supports their development.Originality/valueThis research provides a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by young Black men in South Africa by emphasising the interconnectedness of informal education, economic empowerment and healthcare. Future research should focus on longitudinal studies, cultural influences and international comparisons, informing evidence-based interventions for a more equitable society.
ISSN: 2632-279X (Online)
DOI: 10.1108/jhass-08-2023-0093
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